Best Digital Influencer in the Industry – WTM London Awards Shortlist Announced

August 2, 2018

Best Digital Influencer WTM Awards Abigail King Inside the Travel Lab

We're thrilled to learn that Abigail King's Inside the Travel Lab has been shortlisted for the prestigious Best Digital Influencer in the Industry award for WTM London in November. 

When Abigail King welcomed her first baby, she ran into a problem faced by many parents: a belief that authentic travel with young children was just not possible.


Inspired by a trip to New Orleans, she set out to develop a way of travelling that kept everyone happy and that still got under the skin of a destination.

She undertook a two-week fly-drive trip through Louisiana with her husband and baby, providing live updates while on the road and publishing in-depth articles on her return to her award-winning blog, Inside the Travel Lab.

She invited audiences to rethink family travel and to rethink Louisiana.


The results were outstanding.

Social updates reached an audience of 80 000 and thousands read her subsequent articles.

Tens of thousands tuned in for her Facebook Live broadcasts and the project attracted national attention, an AVE of  £119 617 and exposure to a circulation of 46 152 227.

Both Business Insider and The Independent listed Louisiana as one of “the best places to visit in 2018” because of King’s work.

However, her biggest achievement involved developing a community who share her viewpoint: that authentic, immersive travel with young children is not only possible but enjoyable.

About the author 

Abi King

Abigail King is an award-winning journalist and photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet, the BBC, Red, CNN and more.

She is one of the leading figures in the UK for blogging and social media in travel and her blog, Inside the Travel Lab, is described as one of the best in the world.

She loves mango chutney, Blackadder and marmite toast buttered just right.

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